Watch the video on referrals! (In french only)

Start here…

  1. First you must login or, if you are a new subscriber to, you must create a new account. It is important to complete all required fields. Your details will allow Kaviar to better redirect your rewards;
  2. Once your account is created, you can enroll your references and add others continuously; click here 
  3. You referrals will be added to our management system and will have a unique code;
  4. Then, when referred people will want to test their Kaviar animal products, you will receive your rewards.

Some conditions apply

  1. Only new customers are eligible to be registered to receive your rewards. At any time you can contact us to confirm your list;
  2. Only residents of Quebec and in Maritime can participate;
  3. For all other provinces of Canada, the transportation costs may be different (please see with our team).


Here are some examples of rewards you may receive for referring friends

Methods of payment

Two choices are available:

CHOICE # 1: Receive a check in the mail once you have reached a minimum reward of $ 40. It is important to update you address information, if necessary.


CHOICE # 2: A direct deposit into your account which allows you to see the dynamics of your rewards every month. This method will keep you motivated and connected! This choice will require some information in order to get you registered. We will need the following information: banking institution number – Transit number – account number. Only deposits can be made into your bank account. Our system is trustworthy and very secure.

Do not hesitate to ask us for help, we are here to help you succeed in this great adventure!

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We wish you a “Great success!”