Kaviar International Inc. takes to heart the feeding of dogs and cats

KAVIAR INTERNATIONAL Inc. is a lovely family business established in September 1995 by the Bourgeois family from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.
Over the years, the company has had a great success and can count on many franchisees and distributors to its distribution network. Health formulas for dogs and cats are manufactured in Quebec.
Kaviar is proud to bear the ALIMENTS du QUÉBEC certification.
Over time, the company has developed a very large clientele from all over. At Kaviar, you will find a professional and caring team who works with pride, honor and passion.

Home delivery is key to success through our transactional website or through our licensees and distributors. KAVIAR allows customers to receive additional rewards through their encouragement and referencing, a “never-seen-before” in the animal world!

We are proud to bear the name KAVIAR INTERNATIONAL INC. A name that is worthy of ELEGANCE, PRESTIGE and QUALITY! Try our products, your pet will love you and you will be convinced!

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